About Us : City Link Computers

City Link Computers (CLC) is one of the pioneers infrastructure and solution providers in the UAE, established in 1996, and has succeeded in serving hundreds of clients since its establishment including GASCO, ADCO, Tabreed, Tasheed Holding, Awraq shares and bonds, AL Brooge shares and bonds, Aldar shares and bonds, and Emarat securities. CLC is the most dynamic, innovative and flexible in solution providing according to client’s requirements and budget. CLC is an organization with a clear vision to provide its clients with cost-effective solutions through efficient deployment and integration of information technology. Citylink Computers brings together a multi-dimensional team that is able to undertake every aspect of infrastructure designing, sizing, planning to sourcing, deployment and support.

Our Aim

Citylink Computers aims high and want to effectively play its part in the development of the UAE by bringing in the innovation in deployment.


Network Infrastructure solutions

Cloud computing is getting more and more complex every day. Many standards have yet to be widely ratified, making it difficult to decide the most appropriate strategy for a business. Infrastructure Team in CLC helps the client to determine which technology is best suited to allow the network to keep pace with current and future business expansions, be it building, supporting, upgrading or re-engineering and designing of existing network Infrastructure.

Successful deployments

Citylink Computers has successfully delivered the following services to its client over during last 16 years.

  • High Quality Network Installation & Solutions
  • Installation of Certified Structured cabling systems
  • Fiber Optics splicing termination & testing for high speed networks
  • Design & Implementation of data & Voice Communication Networks
  • Security and Access Control Devices
  • Website development
  • Desktop Application development
  • Facebook Application development

Security and Access Control Systems

CLC provides some unique Biometric access control solutions including Face Recognition, attendance and access control system, Hand Punch attendance system and access with widely used Fingerprint attendance and access controls. Citylink Computers can provide Retina and Face recognition systems, palm recognition systems, finger print identification systems and punch recognition systems.

CCTV & Network Services

CLC provide comprehensive packages for corporate businesses. We can build up a complete video network which can be useful as an efficient and effective means to remotely monitor and secure the site, supervise the manufacturing process, monitor the lobbies, receptions and cash counters. Camera network can also be used to remotely perform the biomedical activities. CCTV technology can provide instant information and furthermore evidence, if needed. A total video network is a valuable asset for any business, providing peace of mind to protect sites and can be used in conjunction with alarms, video motion detectors and even broadcast live over the internet.

Our Location Map:

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