e-Learner (eL)

What is e-Learner

e-Learner is an ECDL endorsed product which equips candidates with a solid foundation for progressing on to the ECDL / ICDL qualification. It is a certified, modular course of progressive ICT skills utilising courseware from e-Learner.

  • Advantages of using e-Learner:
    • We have 15 years experience in integrating ICT into the classroom environment. This includes rollouts, teacher training, planning and ongoing support of the teachers and school. A 'One - Stop' solution to fulfil all the schools ICT needs.
    • We have trained and supported more than 18,000 teachers over the 15 years and over 400,000 students use our integrated curriculum each day all over the world!
    • We are the integration specialists using classroom themes and topics. This makes the learning environment fun and relevant for all learners.
    • Our 'One - Stop' schools solution includes all training and support, as well as:
      • Full colour teachers manuals that are aligned with the school syllabi
      • All the templates and electronic files required to deliver the content
      • Educational games and activities for all ages(maths, science, language etc.)
      • For schools without internet access, we offer hundreds of saved educational websites that the learners have access to.
      • Assessment rubrics and planning tables to ensure the teachers are supported on a day to day basis.
    • We customise and localize the content and curriculum on an on-going basis so that it becomes a wholly UAE version.
    • We offer on-going support and training to the teachers in the schools that we are contracted to. This is our forte and the reason why we have some schools in their 11th year of contract with us!
    • We have a proven track record and approval from a number of Ministries of Education.
    • We are the only company worldwide to offer international ICT certification through the ICDL Foundation. This certification is available in all 145 countries in which ICDL operates.
    • We can offer schools the Microsoft as well as the Open Source version of our integrated ICT curriculum versions - with the learners obtaining the same outcome at the end of the day.
    • We offer automated assessments(online and offline) which make the teachers lives a great deal easier. These results, if necessary, can be seamlessly and automatically populated into the Edupac Admin System if required.
    • We have local representation in UAE which makes the rollout and support model easier to apply.

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